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Why Buy Jades?

There are many reasons to buy jades. Some of the reasons to buy jades are as follows:

Unique Art Work
A jade piece is a unique piece of art work. Unlike other gemstones, such as diamond, ruby, etc, which have only cuts, a jade piece always appear with cravings.

Auspicious Item
The Chinese believes that jade is an auspicious item with the power to ward off evil and bad luck. The Chinese also believes that jade possesses healing power against some illnesses.

Fashion Accessory
Jade pieces are perfect fashion accessories. Jade pendants with its intricate cravings and designs are perfect fashion accessories for dresses.

Collector Item
Jade is a good collector item. Good quality jade pieces with beautiful cravings are hard to come by. Such pieces would appreciate in value over time.

Family Heirloom
Jade is a perfect item for family heirloom given its enduring quality and its ability to appreciate in value over time. In ancient China, jade pieces were often used as family heirlooms.

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