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Pi Xiu

A Pi Xiu (貔貅) is an ancient Chinese mythical creature with the head of a dragon and the body of a dog or lion. It has hoofs, little wings and a tail. The Pi Xiu is a loyal guardian believed to have the power to ward off evil. In old days, Pi Xiu was a common sight at the tombs of the emperors and at the roofs of houses and buildings. Pi Xiu is also believed to have the power to absorb and protect wealth. In modern days, Pi Xiu is often used to protect home and office and for better wealth luck.

Pi Xiu should ideally be in pair as one is believed to absorb wealth and the other is believed to protect wealth. At home, Pi Xiu is placed in the living room on elevated ground facing either the main door or windows. Pi Xiu should never be placed in bedrooms, kitchen and toilets. At work, Pi Xiu is placed on the desk in the reception area facing the main door or entrance. Pi Xiu can be carried as necklace or handphone charm to offer protection to the individual.

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